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Keirin is a very popular gambling sport in Japan. Nine riders race on the track at the speed of 70km/h with fighting against the force of winds. The powerful races all driven by riders power are similar to martial arts. Also, Keirin is one of the Olympic events and a worldly popular cycling event. Only in Japan and Korea "Keirin" is hold as a gambling sport in the world.
In Keirin, a rider who finishes first in the 2000m race wins and riders don't compete in race time. This is the reason why tactics are used in Keirin.

In Keirin races, where riders race at 70km/h, the forefront rider exhausts himself due to wind resistance. Therefore, each rider needs to make a spurt at the point where they can maintain their physical strength to the goal. For that purpose, riders form groups based on their home regions (this group is called "LINE") and aim for the goal in mutual cooperation in each "LINE". The attraction of Keirin is predicting race developments of the "LINEs".

There are two types of legs among riders; riders having superior endurance and riders having excellent instantaneous force. To make the most of their types and strength of legs, riders decide their strategies. The rider having more endurance (called "SENKO" rider) positions the top of LINE and leads the LINE. As "SENKO" rider is at the top, he meets wind resistance, however, he gains a favorable position closest to the goal. After the "Senko" rider, riders having more instantaneous force (called "OIKOMI" rider) follow and block other "LINEs" and protect the "SENKO" rider of their LINE and head for the goal.

There are about 3800 registered riders, classified into "S-class" and "A-class" depending on their performance, and "S-class" is superior to "A-class". In "S-class" , there are about 860 riders, and races only "S-class" riders can ride are called "Grade Race". There are several "Grade Races", including "Keirin Grand Prix" held every December, GI and GII, in which only top riders can participate, and GIII.
Riders accumulate race points at races and their race points are shown to indicate their efficiency. A rider having the highest race points has a good chance of winning the race. Furthermore, riders in the same LINE of the rider have higher chances to be second.

However, if the rider having the highest race points races 9th the very before the goal, probably he won�ft be able to become first. Therefore, generally speaking, important points to predict races are; "Who will be "SENKO" rider?" , "Who is the strongest "SENKO" rider?" and "Who will follow the "SENKO" rider?"

Also, before the sale of pari-mutuel tickets, riders say which line they will form after the practice riding. This information is very helpful for your prediction.

Pari-Mutuel TICKETS
To bet races, you need to buy pari-mutuel tickets. There are 7 kinds of pari-mutuel tickets, it is possible to buy all in increments of \100. The most popular pari-mutuel tickets among the seven are Trifecta and Perfecta.

Trifecta is to select 3 rider numbers in a race that finish, first, second and third in correct order. It is difficult to bet on correct rider numbers, but you can expect big cash dividends. Actually, there was a race that winning-ticket holders received 40,000 times the dividends.

Perfecta is to select 2 rider numbers in a race that finish first and second in correct order.

On purchasing pari-mutuel tickets, you fill the race number, rider number, and amount of betting money in the form at velodrome by pencil and buy the tickets.

There are 45 velodromes throughout Japan, and there are 3 kinds of velodromes, including 333m tracks, 400m tracks, and 500m tracks. Also, there are two dome velodromes where races are hold even if it rains. It is exciting to enjoy the unique atmosphere of velodromes that provides mixture of the sound of wheels and fan�fs cheering.

Furthermore, except for velodromes, there are many off-site betting booths throughout Japan, where you can buy pari-mutuel tickets with watching races broadcasted by satellite. Regrettably, there is no way to purchase pari-mutual tickets outside Japan. Therefore, please purchase pari-mutuel tickets at velodromes and enjoy Keirin when you come to Japan.

KEIRIN as Cycling Event
Keirin has the aspect of sports as well as gamble. Keirin, which was born in Japan, has long been held as the official World Championships events, the largest cycling event. Since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Keirin has been included among Olympic events.

In addition, Keirin riders are top riders in the Japanese cycling events, and also perform brilliantly in international cycling events. Koichi Nakano won the World Championship titles in the sprint event for 10 years in a row. Furthermore, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, Toshiaki Fushimi, and Masaki Inoue won the silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.