A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN

A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN: What is KEIRIN?

KEIRIN Event Grades

Always dramatic, KEIRIN events are held throughout the year and culminate in the Grand Prix.

All KEIRIN events are assigned one of six grades: GP, GI, GII, GII, FI or FII.
Dramatic KEIRIN events are held every day, culminating in the KEIRIN Grand Prix race held on December 30 of each year.

KEIRIN Bicycles

1Grand Prix

Held every year on December 30, the KEIRIN Grand Prix is the sport's most important event, and determines the year's KEIRIN champion.
The event is contested by nine cyclists who have competed during the year. The champion is determined in a single race.

• KEIRIN Grand Prix (single race)
Championship Prize Money: 100 million yen

2GI-grade events

Open to the top S-rank cyclists. Cyclists who win a GI event are awarded the right to compete in GP-grade events.
• Yomiuri Shimbun All-Japan KEIRIN Cup (4-day event)
• Japan KEIRIN Championship (6-day event)
• Prince Takamatsu Memorial Cup (4-day event)
• Prince Tomohito Cup/World Championship Memorial Tournament (4-day event)
• All-Star KEIRIN (5-day event)
• Asahi Shimbun Cup KEIRIN Festival (4-day event)

3GII-grade events

Open to all S-rank cyclists.
• Kyodo News Service Cup (4-day event)
• Summer Night Festival (3-night event)
• Young Grand Prix (single race)
• Winners' Cup (4-day event)

4GIII-grade events

Open to all S-rank cyclists. Commemorative KEIRIN events for occasions such as new velodrome openings.
KEIRIN velodromes generally hold one GIII-grade event (4-day event) per year.

5FI-grade events

S-rank series
Open to S-, A1- and A2-rank competitors. Races are generally held in the following combinations:
• S-rank races + A-rank races (3- or 4-day events) [S-rank and A-rank cyclists never compete against each other in the same race.]

6FII-grade events

KEIRIN events held throughout Japan, open only to A-rank competitors.
(3-day events) [Only A-rank cyclists take part. The most common grade of event held throughout the year.]