A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN

A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN: What is KEIRIN?

What is KEIRIN?

Speed alone is not the key to winning.

KEIRIN is a type of bicycle racing. The cyclists ride around a banked track, and the winner is the first across the finish line. But KEIRIN cyclists need more than just speed to win—the strategies they use against each other are an important part of the sport, increasing its subtlety and appeal. Competitors use various strategies to win.
The battle of wills among the cyclists can be complex, often creating dramatic ups and downs during the race. Once you understand the nuances of KEIRIN, trying to predict race outcomes becomes a fascinating exercise.

Giving back to the community since 1948.

KEIRIN started on November 20, 1948 when the first event was held at the Kokura Velodrome. Since then, the revenues raised by KEIRIN have been adding to the public good in a wide range of areas such as the machinery industry, social welfare, athletic programs, medicine, education and disaster relief.
KEIRIN has now become an official Olympic event, making it an internationally recognized sport associated with its country of origin, Japan. Olympic keirin started with the 2000 Sydney Games. Kiyofumi Nagai won a bronze medal for Japan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.