A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN

A Guide to KEIRIN

Check the Odds

Check the odds, and decide how much to bet.

Odds (payout multiples) are very important information since they indicate the payout amount for a winning wager. The lower the payout multiple, the more popular (closer to favorite) a given wager is, and the higher the multiple, the less popular (more of a long shot) it is.
Comparing the payout multiples of different wager types to decide how much to bet is part of the fun of KEIRIN.


Payout multiple for winning perfecta bet on Bicycle Nos. 1 and 7

“4.5”indicates the odds of Bicycle No. 1 placing 1st and Bicycle No. 7 placing 2nd. The lowest number indicates the race favorite.
The probability of winning such a bet is high, but the payout multiple is low. For example, a win on a bicycle-race ticket of 100 yen will result in winnings of 450 yen (100 yen × 4.5 payout multiple).