A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN

Ways to Bet

How to Buy Tickets at Velodromes or Off-track Betting Sites

Let's say a race is about to start at your local velodrome. What do you do?

1 Go to the velodrome.

image It's easy to find a velodrome (off-track betting site) near you.

2 Fill in a mark sheet.

image Fill in the mark sheet provided by the venue.
For more information see: How to Fill in a Mark Sheet

3 Make a bet.

image Just insert your wager money and completed mark sheet into the ticket machine, take the issued betting ticket and wait for the race to start.

4 Watch the race.

image The variety of different seating options makes it fun to watch KEIRIN at a velodrome. The large-screen displays of off-track betting sites are also a good way to see races.

5 If you win...

image Pick up your payout at the velodrome the race was held in, the off-track betting site or the location designated by the race organizer (within 60 days).