A Beginner's Guide to KEIRIN

More About KEIRIN

Giving Back to the Community

KEIRIN plays an active part in giving back to the community.

The revenues raised by KEIRIN add to the public good in areas such as the machinery industry, social welfare and athletic programs. They provide financial assistance for disaster relief and a wide range of other areas where national or local government aid is not sufficient. Here we introduce some of the ways KEIRIN is giving back to the community.
The 'Ring! Ring! Project' illustrates how KEIRIN benefits the community.
KEIRIN Assistance Vehicles

image Local public buses and traveling medical checkup vans are designated 'KEIRIN Assistance Vehicles' certified with the KEIRIN logo.

Resources for the Blind

image KEIRIN helps the blind lead more fulfilling lives by providing funds for Braille printers, textbooks used in schools for the blind, and Braille publications.


image KEIRIN was a sponsor of the 65th National Sports Festival, Japan’s largest sports festival.

Science Education

image KEIRIN is helping keep today’s schoolchildren interested in science by assisting hands-on programs that let students experience the latest advances in science and technology first-hand.